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YLAI + Caribbean campaign
February 26, 2020

YLAI Caribbean

As we start a new year and new decade, I am excited about the opportunities to deepen the bonds between the Caribbean and the United States.

I am pleased to announce a new campaign led by the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) to increase economic prosperity and build stronger communities here in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.  As a part of the new “YLAI + Caribbean” campaign, you and your fellow YLAI Network members from the Caribbean will have access to new online courses and programs to help develop your leadership, business, and professional skills.

The United States remains steadfast in our goal to promote our shared values and foster the entrepreneurial spirit.  Together, our commitment to economic prosperity, transparent government, ethical business practices, and women’s empowerment will continue to unite our countries and societies across the Caribbean.  From our Academy for Women Entrepreneurs here in Barbados, to the Business Circle at our American Corner in Antigua, to the coding workshops for young women we support in Dominica, and all the good work in between, the United States is committed to joining you in building resilient communities and a prosperous economic future.

Your decision to be part of this incredible network of professionals and entrepreneurs distinguishes you as a leader in your community and gives you access to the wonderful resources of the YLAI Network.  I challenge you to invite your friends and colleagues in your community to join the YLAI Network and take advantage of this opportunity to invest in yourself, your business, your community, and the future of your nation.


Ambassador Linda S. Taglialatela