U.S. Embassy Launches Court Case Management System with Barbados Judiciary

Michelle Johnson - Registrar (Ag.) -Justice Christopher Birch, Justice Laurie-ann Smith-Bovell, Sir Patterson Cheltenham, Ambassador Linda Taglialatela, William Kuhn, Justice Barbara Cooke - Alleyne (Ag.), Justice Randall Worrell, Magistrate Wanda Blair, Ms. Yvette Goddard , Permanent Secretary Magi

U.S. Ambassador to Barbados Linda Taglialatela joined Chief Justice of Barbados Sir Patterson Cheltenham and other distinguished guests from around the Caribbean on Wednesday, June 23, to sign an agreement to establish an electronic case management system in the Magistrates Courts in Barbados.

U.S. Ambassador Taglialatela explained, “The introduction of an electronic court case management system is a performance enhancing tool which will align Barbados with international and regional best practice and increase the courts’ ability to meet the challenges of the future.”  The agreement includes a comprehensive, cost effective electronic platform as well as technical support, case management training, and e-filing.  The new system will shorten court delays and case backlogs and deliver justice more efficiently for the citizens of Barbados.

Chief Justice Cheltenham thanked the United States for its contribution to the judiciary in Barbados and described the need for, and difficulties associated with, change.  He said, “The task ahead will be demanding and will have its occasional moments of difficulty.  There will be pauses and occasional hiccups, but they must be seen as occasions to refocus on the mission – to bring to the public of Barbados an efficient and modern magistrates’ court system.”

The Court Case Management System project is made possible through the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, which helps partner governments assess, build, reform, and sustain competent and legitimate criminal justice systems, and develop and implement the architecture necessary for international drug control and cross-border law enforcement cooperation.