U. S. congratulates Grenada on arrival of COVID-19 vaccines from COVAX

Grenada received 22,000 doses of AstraZeneca from the COVAX Facility. Photo Credit: US Embassy Grenada

The United States congratulates Grenada on the successful arrival of 24,000 doses of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 on April 7, 2021. This shipment was made possible through the COVAX Advance Market Commitment, a global initiative to support equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines. The United States recently announced an initial $2 billion obligation—out of a total planned $4 billion— to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance to support the COVAX Advance Market Commitment, making the U.S. the single largest contributor to global COVID-19 vaccine access. Principal Officer of the U.S. Embassy in Grenada, Karl Duckworth said he is very pleased that Grenada received this shipment of vaccines through the COVAX facility. “We must vaccinate as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

The United States is taking decisive action to protect the world’s most vulnerable. Equitable global access to COVID-19 vaccines is critical to control and end the pandemic, mitigate the ongoing health and economic impacts, and to keep Americans safe at home and abroad.” He added, “The United States is the single largest donor to COVAX, the COVID19 Vaccine Global Access initiative. To date, our support represents nearly half of the commitments to the Gavi COVAX Advance Market Commitment, which pools demand and funding to help low- and lower-middle income countries access COVID-19 vaccines.” The United States’ contributions to COVAX, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), will support the purchase and delivery of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines for the world’s most vulnerable and at-risk populations in 92 low- and middle-income countries. This support is critical to controlling the pandemic, slowing the emergence of new variants, and helping to restart the global economy.

The United States will also work with other donors to make further pledges and commitments to meet the COVAX Facility’s critical needs. The United States is committed to collaborating with partners and governments to support global COVID-19 vaccination efforts. The United States has worked closely with Grenada throughout the duration of the pandemic to protect public health and strengthen the response to COVID-19. In partnership with UNICEF and PAHO, USAID is providing resources to reinforce the Government of Grenada’s COVID response efforts in the areas of risk communication, partner coordination, community engagement, public health information campaigns, health systems capacity-building and data collection and analysis.