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August 9, 2022


The Psychology of Video

Film Making & Advertisement


This masterclass will focus on the psychology of video and its effect on human emotion. We will get to learn the basics of creating memorable content and answer the question: How is video so successful?

  • Spark Inspiration
  • Learn relationship between video & emotion.
  • Learn production techniques.
  • Create concept for short film about life & music in Barbados


About Aja


Through innovative techniques, vivid media and extensive experience, Aja Buchanan Media solves digital problems and put in place strategies that lead to commercial success. This means achieving what matters most to you. Whether that’s creating a phenomenal brand, a highly-optimized clean website, a digital marketing strategy that delivers quality leads & awareness – or all 3. From innovative content creation to long-term marketing strategies and management, Our international expert team is equipped to make our clients dream come true.