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Medical Assistance – St. Vincent and the Grenadines
July 7, 2015

Emergency Contact Numbers 


Fire: 911 

Police: (784) 457-1211/911 



Medical Facilities 


Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, Kingstown 

Tel: (784) 456-1185 

Facilities: Trauma capacity for 30 males and 29 females.  There are 211 total beds.  The hospital has x-ray facilities, there is a CAT scan at the Caribbean Medical Imaging Center in Kingstown (not part of the hospital).  A diagnostic laboratory and blood bank are available, but there are no hyperbaric chamber or dialysis facilities.  Ambulance service in St. Vincent is quick and response in the Emergency room is immediate.  Ambulance crews are allowed to perform CPR and basic life support services.  The facility has a staff of 24 physicians and surgeons of almost all specialties. 


Chatteaubelair Hospital 

Tel: (784) 458-2228 

Facilities: 15 beds.  No trauma capacity. 


Georgetown Hospital 

Tel: (784) 458-9087 

Facilities: 20 beds.  No trauma capacity. 


Levi Latham Health Center, Mesopotamia Valley 

Tel: (784) 458-5245 

Facilities: 12 beds.  No trauma capacity. 


Port Elizabeth Hospital, Bequia (Island)  

Tel: (784) 458-3294 

Facilities: 12 beds.  No trauma capacity. 


Mental Health Center, Glen 

Tel: (784) 458-4240 

Facilities: Mental health facility only.  No trauma capacity. 


Union Island Hospital, Clifton 

Tel: (784) 458-8339 

Facilities: 10 beds.  No trauma capacity. 





Ambrose, Rosalind E. Dr 

Specialty: Diagnostic Radiologist 

Tel: (784) 457-0317  

Location: Kingstown      

Email: carmicSVG@icloud.com 



Boyle, Rosemary Dr. 

Tel: (784) 451-2266 

Fax: (784) 451-2981 

Location: Grenville 

Email: rsmboyle@gmail.com  


Garraway, Daniel S Dr. 

Tel: (784) 457-1300 

Location: Bedford St., Kingstown 

Email: maryfieldsvg@outlook.com  


Thomas, St. Clair Dr. 

Specialty: ENT (ear, nose and throat)  

Tel: (784) 457-2673 

Location: Grenville Street, Kingstown 

Email: Drstcthomas@gmail.com  



The U.S. Embassy assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or reputation of the persons whose names appear on this list. 


Revised November 2022