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Medical Assistance – St. Lucia
July 7, 2015



Victoria Hospital

Tel: (758) 452-2421 

Facilities:  Victoria Hospital is the main local trauma facility, with 150 beds operating on a 24-hour schedule.  Emergency room has 6 acute care beds and one resuscitation room.   X-ray, dialysis, and diagnostic lab are available.  The hospital has a staff of physicians and surgeons specializing in all areas of medicine.  The wait time in the accident and emergency room is dependent on the medical condition as patients are triaged in priority order.  There are over 200 nurses on staff.  There are no ambulances at the hospital.  The fire department provides the ambulance service and the crews are allowed to perform CPR and basic EMT functions.  Ambulance response service in St. Lucia is fast because the service is decentralized at the fire stations in the various districts. 


St. Lucia National Mental Wellness Center

Tel. (758) 452-2289

Facilities: 162 beds.


Tapion Hospital

Tel: (758) 459-2000/01

Facilities: Tapion Hospital is a modern, privately owned 22-bed facility.  The hospital has kidney dialysis machines, two CAT scanners, mammography and ultrasound.  It has a small emergency room.  There is no MRI available.  There are approximately 15 consultant doctors and 3 resident doctors.  Minor, intermediate and major surgery is performed.  There is no ambulance service at this facility.



St Jude’s Hospital in SLCA

Tel: (758) 454-6041

Email: stjudes@candw.lc

Facilities: The hospital has 110 beds and a large emergency room with 8 acute care beds and two multi-trauma units.  There is also a 6-bed intensive care unit.  The hospital is affiliated with a few major hospitals in North America for training and teaching emergency care, such as Sunnybrooke and St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.  The hospital has close links to the Hewanorra International Airport.




Soufriere Hospital

Tel: (758) 459-7258

Facilities: 26 beds, community hospital, accepts overnight stays for relatively minor health problems.


Dennery Hospital

Tel: (758) 453-3310

Facilities: outpatient facilities only.


Owen King Hospital

Tel: (758) 458-6501

Tel: (758) 458-6500




Medical Doctors 


Dr. Martin Didier and Dr. Marie Grandison Didier

Specialty: Internist

Tel:  (758) 459-2237

Tel:  (758) 459-2235


Dr. Amanda King

Specialty: Internist

Tel:  (758) 459-2640


Dr. Leonard Surage

Specialist – ENT

Tel: (758) 459-2216


Dr. Leslie Bishop

Specialty: Obstetrics

Tel:  (758) 459-2257


Dr. Rommel Daniel

Specialty: Cardiology

Tel: (758) 459-2257


Dr. H. Jeffers

Specialty: Orthopedics

Tel:  (758) 459-2000


Rodney Bay Medical Centre – Family Practice / Walk-In Clinic 

Tel: (758) 452 8621 / 453 6582 


The doctors are:


Dr. Tanya Destang – Beaubrun

Family Practitioner


Dr John Mondesir

Family Practitioner


Dr Kristen Goustave

Family Practitioner


Dr Filamene Day

Family Practitioner


Dr Omar Ramos



The U.S. Embassy assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or reputation of the persons whose names appear on this list. 

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