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Medical Assistance – Montserrat
July 7, 2015

November 2022 


Emergency Telephone Numbers 


Fire: 911 

Police: 999 

Helpline: 1-800-664-4357 




Dr. Sharra Greenaway Duberry 

Chief Medical Officer 

Tel No: (664) 491-2880 

Email: greenaways2@gov.ms 

General Email:  mehcs@gov.ms   


Ms. Cheflyn Crichlow  


Tel No: (664) 491-2880 

E-mail:  mehcs@gov.ms  /  CrichlowC@gov.ms    


Medical Facilities 


Glendon Hospital

St. John’s

Tel No: (664) 491-2552, (664) 491-2836, (664) 491-2802, (664) 491-2843

Facilities:  The main health facility in Montserrat is St. John’s Hospital.  The hospital has a 24-hour emergency department and can handle most routine medical matters.  However, serious medical problems will require air evacuation to a country with state-of-the-art medical facilities.  The facility at St. John’s has a bed capacity of 30.  Patients are referred to Antigua and Saint Kitts for care unavailable in Montserrat.  Hospital laboratory services are limited to simple hematology and biochemistry investigations and blood banking; no microbiological investigations are performed.  The X-ray department is able to perform basic emergency investigations with a portable X-ray unit.  There is no hyperbaric chamber on Montserrat. 


Government Clinics: 

St. John’s Clinic

Tel No: (664) 491-5218


Cudjoe Head Clinic

Tel: (664) 491-5258

Facilities: outpatient clinic


Salem Clinic

Tel: (664) 491-5256

Facilities: outpatient clinic.


St. Peter’s Clinic

Tel: (664) 491-5436

Facilities: outpatient clinic


Mental Health Clinic

Tel: (664) 491-3879 

Facilities: outpatient mental health clinic. 





Dr. Franklin Perkins

Cudjoe Head

Tel No: (664) 491-2823


Dr. Briaimah Kassim

Tel No: (664) 496-4364


Dr. Faqueeda Watson

Tel No: (664) 393-9626


Dr. Kevin Amsterdam

Tel No: (664) 393-8686


Dr. Georgette Skerritt

Tel No: (664) 392-1638


Dr. Tiffannie Skerritt

Tel No: (664) 496-4028


Dental Services

Regal Dental Clinic

Dr. Corretta Fergus

Dental Surgeon & head of the clinic

Tel No: (664) 496-6644 

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