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Medical Assistance – Martinique
July 7, 2015

Medical Facilities/ Doctors

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire La Meynard, Fort de France
Tel: (596) 596-55-20-00

Facilities: This is the main public health institution in Martinique, with three affiliated hospitals.  This is a large 700-bed plus institution with all secondary and tertiary care facilities.  There is a 15-bed Emergency Care unit staffed with well-trained full-time medical and nursing staff, with an adjacent 2-bed intensive care resuscitation unit.

La Clinique Saint Paul
4 Rue des Hibiscus, Fort-de-France

Hopital de Basse Pointe
Tel: (596) 596-78-50-76

Centre Hospitalier Du Carbet, Le Carbet
Tel: (596) 596-78-02-20

Centre Hospitalier de Colson, Fort de France
Tel: (596) 596-59-29-00

Hopital Rural, Francois
Tel: (596) 596-54-30-99

Centre Hospitalier de Forte De France
Tel: (596) 596-57-11-11

Centre Hospitalier Du Lorrain
Tel: (596) 596-53-29-43

Hopital du Marin
Tel: (596) 596-74-92-05

Hopital du Saint Esprit
Tel: (596) 596-77-31-11

Hopital Maison de Retrait Romain Blondet, Saint Joseph
Tel: (596) 596-57-60-18

Hopital de Saint Pierre
Tel: (596) 596-78-14-93

Centre Hospitalier de Colson, Sante Marie
Tel: (596) 596-69-02-39

Centre Hospitalier de Colson, Schoelcher
Tel: (596) 596-52-15-78

Centre Hospitalier Louis Domergue, La Trinite
Tel: (596) 596-66-46-00