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Medical Assistance – Anguilla
July 7, 2015

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Police, Fire, Ambulance: 911
Fire and Rescue:  (264) 497-2333

Medical Facilities

Princess Alexandra Hospital
Tel: (264) 497-2551; Fax: 497-5745
Facilities: Emergency treatment; outpatient and inpatient care for surgical, pediatric, gynecological and obstetric cases; laboratory and radiological diagnostic services, as well as haemodialysis available.  The Hospital has 36 beds.  The diagnostic imaging department currently has the capacity to provide routine X-ray services; CT Scan and Ultrasound services will be provided by the end of March 2007.

East End Clinic
Tel: (264) 497-4420

Island Harbour Clinic
Tel: (264) 497-4020

South Hill Clinic
Tel: (264) 497-6421

Valley Health Centre Clinic
Tel: (264) 497-8492

West End Clinic
Tel: (264) 497-6898

Hodges Medical Services
Tel: (264) 497-5828; Fax: 497-5828

Hughes Medical Center
Tel: (264) 497-3053; Fax: 497-3083

K&K Medical Center
Tel: (264) 497-3053 or 497-0124; Fax: 497-3083

Dental Unit, The Valley
Tel: (264) 497-3342
Facilities: The Dental Unit has two dentists in attendance.


Dr. Trevor A. C. Connor
Telephone 264/498-1212 FAX 264/4971214
Center For Dental & Facial Aesthetics

Dr. Bert Hodge
Telephone  264/497-5828 FA X 497-5828
OB/GYN Family Doctor

Dr. Lowell A. Hughes, Plastic Surgeon
Telephone  264/497-3053

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