Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Visas

Lost or Stolen Visas

If your passport (with a U.S. visitor’s visa inside) is lost or stolen, you should start by contacting your local police station and obtaining a police report for the lost passport and visa. Then proceed to report the loss of your passport and visa by completing the lost/stolen visa form (PDF – 64 kb) and attach it, a copy of your police report, and a copy of an identification card (such as your national identification card or driver’s license) and submit to the embassy’s Consular Section via email at BridgetownFPU@state.gov.

If you cannot contact the Consular Section by email but plan to apply for another U.S. visa, schedule an appointment for a visa interview. Obtain a new passport in time for your appointment, and bring the police report with you. When you come in, we will assist you in reporting your previous passport/visa lost.

NOTE: Search very carefully before you report your passport lost. Once you report your passport and U.S. visa lost, you must get a new passport and U.S. visa. Do not try to enter the United States, even if you have recovered these items and reported this face to the police. You are likely to be denied boarding for flights to the U.S. without a new passport and U.S. visa.

Damaged Visas

Exposure to the elements, such as water or heat, can damage your visa. if your visa is damaged, faded or otherwise unreadable in any way, you may consider replacing it. Airlines may deny boarding to travelers with damaged visas, depending on the extent of damage. A damaged visa may also cause immigration officers at U.S. ports of entry to scrutinize your travel documents closely, causing you extensive questioning and possible delay.

The decision on whether to replace a damaged visa is exclusively yours. The U.S. Embassy cannot speak for how an airline official or immigration officer may treat a damaged visa. To replace your damaged visa, follow the regular procedures for applying for a visa, including payment for a new application at this link.