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Legal Assistance – Montserrat
June 7, 2022

ALLEN, Kenneth
Telephone: (664) 491-2498/2848
E-mail: ydaly@allenmarkham.com
100 Banks Estate, Montserrat
Legal Services: General Practice, Commercial, Foreign Investments, Patent/Trademark/Copyright, Civil, Estate, Contracts, Corporate, Auto/Accident, Family Law, Child Custody, Adoptions, Marriage/Divorce, Insurance, Banking/Financial.  Languages:  English and French.

DELANY, Dustin D.P.
Telephone: (246) 228-2260; (954) 654-7071
Fax:  246) 228-2260
E-mail: dustin.delany@dentons.com
Burnham Court, Bishop’s Court Hill
Upper Collymore Rock, St. Michael, Barbados
Legal Services:  Insurance, Banking/Financial, Commercial/Business Law, Foreign Investments, Marketing Agreements, Commercial Law, Contracts, Transportation Law, Corporations, Foreign Claims, Taxes.