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Legal Assistance – Barbados
June 7, 2022

Vere P Brathwaite
Hampton Chambers, Hampton House
Erdiston Hill, St. Michael, BB11113

Telephone:                        (246) 436-1986
Fax:                                  (246) 436-1987
Email:                               law@hamptonchambers.com 
Legal Services: Property purchases, leases and sales, International business, International trusts, Contracts, Immigration matters, Corporate Governance, General civil matters.

Dr. Trevor A Carmichael KA,LVO,QC
Chancery House, High Street
Bridgetown, Barbados
Telephone:                        (246) 431-0070
Fax:                                  (246) 431 0076/0567                                 Email:                               chancery@chancerychambers.com
Legal Services: Insurance Law, Commercial Law, Tax Law, Real Estate, Trade Marks and Charities.  Collection cases:  based on Bar Association published fees or negotiated amount.
Languages:  English, French and Spanish.

Deborah N Carrington
Telephone:       (246) 822-1262 (24 HRS)
Email:             dncarrington@hotmail.com
P.O Box 132
General Post Office
Bridgetown, Barbados

Legal Services: Family Law, Personal Injury, Estates, Property Law, Property Management, Criminal Law.

Cicely P Chase
Charlton House, Whitepark Road
Bridgetown, Barbados
Telephone:                         (246) 436-5379
(246) 228-5174 (home)
Fax:                                   (246) 436-3843
Email:                               senecalegal@gmail.com
Legal Services: Family Law, Adoptions, Child Custody, Parental Child Abduction, Child Protection, Marriage/Divorce, Insurance, Banking/Financial, Commercial/Business Law, Civil Law, Damages, Contracts, Corporations, Estates, Auto/Accidents.

Patterson K.H. Cheltenham
Charlton House, Whitepark Road
St. Michael, Barbados
Telephone:                       (246) 430-8953/54
(246) 230-2171
Fax:                                 (246) 436-9070/431-0143
Email:                               pkcheltenham@caribsurf.com
Legal Services: Insurance, Banking/Financial, Commercial/Business Law, Patents/Trademarks/Copyrights, Civil Law, Damages, Contracts, Corporations, Estates, Taxes, Labor Relations, Auto/Accidents.

Dustin D.P. Delany
The Bungalow, Savannah Drive
The Garrison, St. Michael, Barbados
Telephone:                        (246) 228-2260
(954) 654-7071
Fax:                                  (246) 228-2260
Email:                               dd@delanylaw.com
Legal Services:  Insurance, Banking/Financial, Commercial/Business Law, Foreign Investments, Marketing Agreements, Commercial Law, Contracts, Transportation Law, Corporations, Foreign Claims, Taxes.

Alicia DELLS
Telephone: (246) 429-8112
19 Spry St
Bridgetown, Barbados
Legal Services: General practice law & litigation. Civil Law, Damages, Contracts, Corporations, Estates, Taxes, Labor Relations, Auto/Accidents.

Margot Greene
Inn Chambers, Lucas Street
Bridgetown, Barbados
Telephone:                         (246) 426-1846
Fax:                                   (246) 437-3900
Email:                               sgrlawmyg@caribsurf.com
Legal Services: Family Law, Adoptions, Child Custody, Parental Child Abduction, Child Protection, Marriage/Divorce and Estates.
Languages:  English and Spanish.

Sir Henry de Boulay Forde
Juris Chambers, Parker House
Wildey Business Park, Wildey
St. Michael, Barbados
Telephone:                        (246) 429-5320
(246) 423-3881
Fax:                                  (246) 429-2206
Email:                               shf@jurischambers.com
Legal Services: Family Law, Adoptions, Child Custody, Marriage/Divorce, Insurance,  Banking/Financial, Commercial/Business Law, Foreign Investments, Marketing Agreements, Civil Law, Damages, Collections, Contracts, Transportation Law, Corporations, Aeronautical/Maritime, Foreign Claims, Estates, Taxes, Government Relations, Labor Relations, Immigration, Auto/Accidents.
Languages: English, limited French.

John Fitzgerald Alexis Forde
Sherwood, Strathclyde Crescent
Strathclyde, St. Michael
Telephone:                           (246) 430-8956
Fax:                                     (246) 436-0784
Email:                                  gunners357@hotmail.com
Legal Services: General Practice, Estate Cases, Trade Disputes, Criminal Law, Collection.

Vanessa Z. Kodilinye
Franklin House, Wildey Main Road
St. Michael
Telephone:                           (246) 437-6693
Fax:                                     (246) 435-9525
attn: Richard May
Email:                                 Vkodilinye@gamil.com
Legal Services: General Practice, Real Estate, Trademark, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Corporations.

Michael A. Lashley & Associates, Q.C.
Michael A Lashley

Telephone: (246) 432-4444
(246) 251-3171
(246) 245-8770
Email: mlashleylaw@gmail.com
Michael A. Lashley & Associates
118 Roebuck St
Bridgetown, Barbados

Legal Services: Criminal Law, Civil Law, Mediation, Personal Injuries, Auto/Accidents, Family Law (divorce and child maintenance)

Monique C Taitt
Monford Chambers, Marjorie House
136 Eagle Hall
St. Michael, Barbados
Telephone:                             (246) 436-6727
(246) 424-4113
Fax:                                       (246) 437-6777
Email:                                     mctaittlaw@gmail.com
Legal Services: Mediation, Real Estate Law (conveyances/mortgages), Succession Law (estates, wills, probate and administration), Collections, Personal Injuries, Auto/Accidents, Family Law (divorce and child maintenance), Employment Law, Industrial Relations, Insurance Law.