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Legal Assistance – Antigua & Barbuda
June 7, 2022

BIRD, Rika
Telephone: (268) 562-1880/1881
Fax: (268) 562-1882
Email: rikabirdassociates@gmail.com
Website: www.rikabird.com
#11 Jasmine Court
Friar’s Hill Road
St. John’s, Antigua
Litigation, Corporate, International Business, Financial, Real Estate, Labor

Franklyn Algernon Clarke
Cross Street, Box 1276
St. Johns, Antigua
Telephone:                                     (268) 462-0732/(268) 460-8852
Fax:                                               (268) 462-0720
Email:                                            clarkef@candw.ag
Legal Services: General Practice

Dustin D.P Delany
The Bungalow, Savannah Drive
The Garrison, St. Michael
Telephone:                                       (246) 228-2260/(954) 654-7071
Fax:                                                 (246) 228-2264
Email:                                              dd@delaneylaw.com
Legal Services: Insurance, Banking/Financial, Commercial/Business Law, Foreign Investments, Marketing Agreements, Contracts, Transportation Law, Corporations, Foreign Claims, Taxes. Provide services in Antigua and Barbuda but potential clients must call their office in Barbados.

Colin V.A Derrick
Chambers, 8 Long Street, Box 17
St. Johns, Antigua
Telephone:                                      (268) 462-2106 (St. Johns)
(268) 461-4883 (Marble Hill)
Fax:                                                (268) 462-2130
Email:        counslor@candw.ag
Legal Services: General Practice

John Eli Fuller
39 Newgate Street, Box 1168
St. Johns, Antigua
Telephone:                                     (268) 462-0485
Fax:                                               (268) 462-4901
Email:                                             fullaw@candw.ag
Legal Services: General Practice
Languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian

Henry and Burnette
13 Church Street, Box 1523
St. Johns, Antigua
Telephone:                                      (268) 462-2127/(268) 462-6581
Fax:                                                (268) 462-2128
Email:                                             eannhenryqc@gmail.com
Legal Services: General Practice, Civil Litigation, Wills, Conveyances, Leases, Business Agreements, Family Law Consultancy.

Radford Wentworth Hill
Chambers, Long Street, Box 909
St. Johns, Antigua
Telephone:                                        (268) 462-4717/(268) 462-5939/1127
Fax:                                                  (268) 462-0900
Email:  clients@lawhillandhill.com
Legal Services: General Practice, Commercial Corporate Investment and Industrial Relations.
Languages: English and French

Joyce Althea Kentish
36 Long Street, Box 512
St. Johns, Antigua
Telephone:                                         (268) 462-1012/(268) 462-4869
Fax:                                                   (268) 462-2568
Email:  lakent@candw.ag
Legal Services: General Practice, Commercial, Civil Litigation and Family.
Languages: English and French

Sir Clare K Roberts
Law Offices
60 Nevis Street, Box 1301
St. Johns, Antigua
Telephone:                                         (268) 462-0076/(268) 462-1388
Fax:                                                   (268) 562-1974
Email:                                                 info@robertscolaw.com
Legal Services: Company, Commercial, Conveyancing, Litigation, Maritime, Trusts, Banking and Legislative Drafting.
Languages: English, French and Spanish

Justin Lockhart Simon
Chancellor Chambers
Island House
Newgate Street, Box 1519
St. Johns, Antigua
Telephone:                                            (268) 462-4468/(268) 462-4469
Fax:                                                      (268) 462-0327
Email:     chambers@srmchancellor.com
Legal Services: Corporate, Real Property, Industrial and Itellectual Property and Civil Industrial.
Languages: English, French and Creole

Dexter Wason
Suite 5, Gambles Medical & Center
Friars Hill Road, P.O. Box 1415
St. Johns, Antigua
Telephone:                                             (268) 462-4044
Fax:                                                       (268) 562-8541
Email:                                                    wasonRDEX@gmail.com
Legal Services: Corporate, Real Property, Industrial and Intellectual Property, Civil Industrial.
Languages: English