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International Visitor Leadership Program: St. Kitts and Nevis
October 26, 2016

Petrine Clarke-Whyte and Evauntay Bridgewater

Petrine Clarke-Whyte, teacher/librarian/library assistant within the Ministry of Education in St. Kitts; and Evauntay Bridgewater, Senior Library Technician within the Ministry of Education in St. Kitts. participated in a three-week International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) titled “Librarians and Archivists as Defenders of Intellectual Property Rights” from June 13 – July 1, 2016 in the United States. This program was designed to enhance participants’ knowledge and understanding of policies, best practices, and challenges for improving awareness and protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

James Sutton

Sergeant James Sutton of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force attended the IVLP on “International Crime Issues,” from February 11 to 22, 2013. Sergeant Sutton was among 16 participants, all from different countries, to complete the program. Sessions were held in Washington, DC; Austin, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Atlanta, Georgia. The themes of the “International Crime Issues” program were the U.S. justice system; U.S. foreign policy and global cooperation against crime and terrorism; international crimes; national security and civil liberties; human trafficking and smuggling; white collar crime and public corruption; state and local anti-crime efforts and justice systems; and enforcement of immigration laws.

Jihan Williams

Jihan Williams attended the IVLP “Education and Activism for Young Women” session from November 24 to December 12, 2012. The goals of the program were to examine ways to cultivate leadership in young females and encourage them to take action to improve the communities through developing skills such as critical thinking, self-awareness and team building; to emphasize the importance girls’ and women’s leadership, civic participation and volunteerism as components of civic life in the United States and around the world; and to explore creative partnerships between all sectors of civil society to address issues of concern to girls and women. Williams began the program in Washington, DC and then moved to Los Angeles, CA; where the group met with young girls who participate in The EmpowHer Institute’s after-school programs. Next, participants spoke to schoolchildren in Albuquerque, NM about their respective countries. The program concluded with a session in New Orleans, LA that addressed the unique needs of adolescent and teenage girls. Jihan Williams currently serves as a Crown Counselor and Deputy Clerk for the Federal Parliament Company Secretary.

Lauston Percival

Embassy Bridgetown nominated Mr. Lauston Percival to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program “Children in the US Justice System.” Mr. Percival attended sessions in Washington, DC; Reno, Nevada; Memphis, TN; and Miami, FL from January 24 to February 11, 2011. The program included meetings with public and private child advocacy groups and seminars at the Supreme Court and Department of Justice. Participants examined human trafficking, child welfare issues, and how the U.S. justice system protects and responds to the needs of juvenile victims and offenders.

Sharon Rattan

Sharon Rattan was nominated by Embassy Bridgetown for an International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP). Ms. Rattan participated in the “Women and Justice” program from February 20 to March 9, 2012.