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International Visitor Leadership Program: Grenada
October 26, 2016

Sandiford Edwards

Sandiford Edwards, Chief Executive Officer of the Grenada Marketing and National Importation Board, traveled to the United States to participate in the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) to take part in a three-week project on “U.S. Agriculture and Food Safety” from February 19 until March 11, 2017. During the program, participants interacted with public, private, academic, and grassroots organizations to learn about best practices in agriculture and food safety. They examined U.S. policies and programs related to agricultural trade, food safety, and sustainable agriculture; analyze the political, social, environmental, and economic forces that influence U.S. agricultural trade policies; explored how U.S. food commodities are regulated and marketed from farm to table and for international export; and assessed how federal, regional, and local programs for agricultural research, inspection, trade promotion and resource conservation help ensure U.S. agricultural competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Claudette Bartholomew

Claudette Bartholomew, the Court Administrator at the Supreme Court of Grenada participated in a three-week International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) titled “Librarians and Archivists as Defenders of Intellectual Property Rights” from June 13 – July 1, 2016 in the United States. This program was designed to enhance participants’ knowledge and understanding of policies, best practices, and challenges for improving awareness and protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Deneal Antoine

Embassy Bridgetown nominated Mr. Deneal Antoine to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program “Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI): Community Policing.” The goals of the program were to develop community relations programs that can be implemented by Caribbean law enforcement organizations and complement CBSI. The “Community Policing” program also sought to increase cooperation between the United States and Grenada to combat security issues. The program was held in the United States May 13- June 4, 2011. This opportunity allowed Antoine, a constable in the Royal Grenada Police Force, to interact with his American counterparts.

Elaine Henry-McQueen

Elaine Henry-McQueen participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program “Role of NGOs in Promoting Global Women’s Issues.” Through the program participants discussed the impact of non-profit organizations in promoting women’s political participation, economic opportunities, and access to education and healthcare; examined the partnerships between government and non-governmental organizations in addressing gloabal women’s issues; and studied methodologies used by NGOs for strengthening organizational leadership, developing volunteerism, fundraising and advancing their missions to benefit women. Ms. Henry-McQueen attended sessions throughout the United States, during the periord March 5- 23, 2012. Ms. Henry-McQueen applied the knowledge learned through the IVLP to her role as a Senior Program Officer in the Grenadian Ministry of Social Development.

Dr. Gillian Benjamin

Dr. Gillian Benjamin of Grenada was selected to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program “HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention in the U.S.” The program examined trends in HIV/AIDS education, prevention and treatment; discussed the plans implemented in the United States to eradicate HIV/AIDS; and review worldwide research programs. Dr. Benjamin is the Clinical Coordinator of the Grenadian National Infectious Control Unit.

Gordon Patterson

Embassy Bridgetown nominated Gordon Patterson, of the Grenadian Forestry and National Parks Department, to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program “Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation.” The program facilitated examinations of how biodiversity is managed in various countries and the strategies developed to meet emerging challenges. The program was held in the United States from April 6 to May 4, 2012.

Hillary Gabriel

Ms. Hillary Gabriel was nominated by Embassy Bridgetown to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program “The Spirit of Volunteerism: 50 Years of the Peace Corps.” During her time in the United States conducted a television interview to share the work being done by Peace Corps Volunteers in Grenada. Ms. Gabriel also visited volunteer organizations throughout the country to observe how they operate. Ms. Gabriel attended sessions in Washington, DC; Boston, MA; Santa Fe, NM; and Chicago, IL from September 24 to October 4, 2011. Following the program, Ms. Gabriel hoped to revitalize volunteerism amongst Grenadians and encourge individuals to support their countrymen.

Laurel Victor

Laurel Victor was selected to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program “Children in the U.S. Justice System.” The goals of the program were to explore the U.S. judicial system with special emphasis on the legal structures in place to protect children; review the best treatment and rehabilitation practices for juvenile offenders and their families; and discuss international cooperation to combat trafficking in children, child exploitation, cross-border child custody disputes and the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction. The program was held throughout the U.S. during the period of April 2- 22, 2012.

Leslie-Ann Seon

Ms. Leslie-Ann Seon was selected to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program “Women’s Leadership and Political Participation (Caribbean).” The program included sessions in Washington, DC; Nashua, NH; and New York City, NY. Ms. Seon attended meetings with women’s leadership groups, staff members of a domestic violence shelter, and the UN Women’s Office. The program encouraged Ms. Seon and her peers to develop national action plans to broaden opportunities for women to engage in leadership roles.

Pemba Braveboy

Pemba Braveboy participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program “Campaign 2012: Youth Participation in the U.S. Political System.” The program was held in the U.S. August 20- September 7, 2012. The goals of the program were to examine youth engagement in the civic and political spheres; discuss the roles and responsibilities of elected officials to involve youths in the political process; and address the role of NGOs and education in promoting and sustaining youth involvement. The program also afforded participants from around the world to observe the U.S. electoral process firsthand.

Siemone Lorainey

Ms. Siemone Lorainey was selected to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program “Womens Entrepreneurship.” Ms. Lorainey is the owner of Cutie, Inc, a bridal shop in Grenada. As part of the program Lorainey met with small business owners in the U.S., attended clothing synthesis sessions, and received organizational instruction. During the period of May 12 to 24, 2012, Ms. Lorainey travelled to Washington, DC; Kansas City, MO; Dallas, TX, and Houston, TX.

Tyrone Buckmire

Embassy Bridgetown nominated Mr. Tyrone Buckmire to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program “Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation.” Topics discussed during the program include environmental protection, sustainability, habitat conservation, climate change and biodiversity. Participants met with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) personnel and representatives of relevant state and local organizations to examine environmental management policies. The program also included a tour of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.