Housing Search

The U.S. Embassy is looking for 3 and 4 bedroom residences, fenced yard with grass area and parking space for at least two vehicles (driveway and/or garage). Landlord should be amenable to provide the following at a minimum:

  • security grating at all windows and exterior doors
  • 500 (minimum) gallon water tank
  • a/c coverage in all interior residential spaces
  • full size washer/dryer
  • full size stove and oven
  • full size refrigerator/freezer
  • fittings fairly new and up to date
  • (unfurnished/appliances only)

We may also have additional requirements for safety or security measures to be installed that the embassy can discuss directly if required.

The following parishes are preferred: Christ Church, St. Michael, St. James, and St. George.

Please email bridgetownleasing@state.gov with housing information/pictures if interested.