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Grenada Independence Day
February 7, 2021

Grenada Flag

On behalf of the government of the United States, I congratulate the people of Grenada on the 47th anniversary of your independence.

The United States appreciates Grenada’s regional leadership and partnership as we work toward greater security, prosperity, and democracy.  This past year, the U.S. government contributed more than $6 million to construct emergency operations centers in Grenada and Carriacou to boost their preparedness and disaster response capabilities.  We have stood together to fight COVID-19 as the United States donated masks, gloves, hazmat suits, and other personal protection equipment to help keep the Grenadian people safe. We also partnered with the Royal Grenada Police Force Coast Guard to upgrade its nearshore interceptor vessels as part of our work together to improve security for citizens of Grenada and the region.

The United States values the strong relationship between our two countries and wishes the citizens of Grenada a happy Independence Day.