Key Officers

  • Ambassador: Linda S. Taglialatela
  • Deputy Chief of Mission: Joaquin F. Monserrate
  • Consul General: Vacant
  • Public Affairs Officer: James Rodriguez
  • Political/Economic Counselor: Shante Moore
  • General Services Officer: James Rush
  • Internal Revenue Service Attaché: Wazirah Allen
  • Legal Attaché: Scott MacCracken
  • Military Liaison Officer: CDR. Steve Charnon
  • USAID Director: Vacant

Outside of Barbados but under the embassy’s jurisdiction:

  • U.S. Embassy Grenada – Principal Officer: Vacant
  • Regional Headquarters of the Peace Corps in St. Lucia, with sub-offices in Dominica, St. Vincent and Grenada – Peace Corps Director: Dale R. Withington
  • Consular Agencies in Antigua and Martinique