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August 29, 2022

Deputy Assistant Secretary Kerri Hannan visits Barbados and Saint Lucia

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Diplomacy, Policy, Planning, and Coordination Kerri Hannan travelled to Barbados and Saint Lucia from August 23-27.  During her visit to Barbados, the Deputy Assistant Secretary held cordial and productive meetings with Barbados’ Attorney General Hon. Dale Marshall as well as with personnel at the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA).  Following her visit to Barbados, the Deputy Assistant Secretary travelled to Saint Lucia, where she delivered the keynote address at a Global Cooperative and Training Framework (GCTF)-affiliated event to promote women’s empowerment across Latin American and the Caribbean.  The GCTF event was co-hosted by the United States Embassy, the Taiwan Embassy, and the Government of Saint Lucia.  While in Saint Lucia, she also met with the Director of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, Dr. Didacus Jules.