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Christophe Harbour
November 30, 2016

A sailboat on the ocean

Christophe Harbour is a luxury residential resort development located on St. Kitts in the Caribbean Leeward Islands that spans 2,500 acres across the southeast peninsula separating the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.  The development offers various property ownership opportunities, a mega yacht harbor, 18-hole golf course, hotels, restaurants, shopping and private membership clubs. Christophe Harbour and its parent company Kiawah Partners have had a strong positive influence in St. Kitts through its large economic investment, strong company values and support for the local economy and environment.

Christophe Harbour works with a number of U.S. based engineering, legal and marketing firms to advance the development of its project in St. Kitts. The company has spent millions of dollars working with these firms for the advancement of the Christophe Harbour development, helping boost parts of the American economy and increasing business for these entities during tough economic times. Christophe Harbour has so far injected over $100 million into the St. Kitts economy. Its development has attracted a diverse workforce of approximately 100 employees (both direct hire and contractors), and continues to serve as a one of the largest employers in the Federation. Its real estate marketing also encourages U.S. direct investment in St. Kitts in Nevis, attracting American buyers for its real estate offerings.

Christophe Harbour is a large contributor and supporter of the St. Kitts and Nevis Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and is a founding member of a Rotary Club initiative entitled the Advancement of Children Foundation. Christophe Harbour also operates The Christophe Harbour Foundation (CHF) to undertake community outreach projects in St. Kitts and Nevis in order to strengthen and develop the social, physical, cultural and natural environment. Since its inception in 2008, the CHF has distributed over US $100,000 in grants to local charities. The company has written into its covenant that the Christophe Harbour development will ensure that every property sale contributes a percentage to the Foundation, to ensure its future operations and impact. The work of the CHF includes supporting conservational, educational, recreational, cultural, historical and social development projects that will enhance the environment and lives of the people.