An Ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of Cure: Hurricane Subject Matter Expert Exchange in Barbados

The U.S. Embassy, through its Military Liaison Office, facilitated a ground level disaster management subject matter expert exchange between Virgin Islands National Guard (VING) personnel and Barbados Defense Force (BDF) members from April 10-13.

The purpose of this collaborative exchange between the (VING) and (BDF) was to familiarize each nation’s military with ground level operations during disasters such as, hurricanes, tsunami’s, earthquakes and other states of emergency. Traveling to several different training sites in Barbados, special emphasis was placed on disrupted infrastructure rescues, namely collapsed structures.

Topics discussed covered a wide range of environmental considerations and scenarios including the assessment of structure stability, downed power lines, casualty movement, gas leaks, and site management. The knowledge and experience gained from this event by both parties enhanced their interoperability for future joint operations.