Ambassador Taglialatela’s Children’s Book Project

Ambassador Taglialatela’s Children’s Book Project Flyer

History & Visual Arts enthusiasts, have we got a challenge for you!

U.S. Embassy Bridgetown invites Fourth and Fifth Form secondary school students in Barbados and Dominica to submit entries for U.S. Ambassador Linda S. Taglialatela’s Children’s Book Project.

Competition Background:

During her three year tour, Ambassador Taglialatela has visited primary and secondary schools throughout the Eastern Caribbean engaging with some of the region’s most talented young people. These interactions continuously highlight the creativity, imagination and intellect found among Eastern Caribbean students. The contest provides an excellent opportunity for Barbadian and Dominican youth to recount their countries’ unique histories for the next generation.

Now, Ambassador Taglialatela is calling on Barbadian and Dominican Fourth and Fifth Form students with a passion for history, storytelling and art to submit entries for her Children’s Book Project. Your challenge is to develop a short children’s book (not exceeding 25 pages) telling the history of your country. Your submission should be suitable for primary school level students (ages 5 to 9 years), and should include a brief history of your country with accompanying artwork. Each school is invited to submit one (1) entry, and may have a team comprising of up to six (6) students.

U.S. Embassy Bridgetown will choose one winner in each country. Winners will receive fantastic prize packages for their school, and the publication of their children’s book. Please see below and attached for full competition rules and guidelines.

Competition Guidelines and Eligibility:

• Must be a current Barbadian/Dominican Fourth or Fifth Form student (ages 14 to 16 years)
• Student must be supervised a teacher or faculty member (no more than two supervisors required)
• Each secondary school may submit only one (1) entry to the competition
• Teams should be comprised of no more than six (6) students
• Entries must be submitted to the Public Affairs Section via e-mail at by Friday, November 2, 2018 to be eligible for the competition. Submissions must include the below contact information, and must be accompanied by the U.S. Embassy’s signed Participant Consent Form (attached).
 School name and Contact information (Physical Address, Email Address and Telephone Number)
 Students’ Name, Date of Birth and Grade level
 Faculty Supervisor(s) (Name, Telephone Number and Email Address)
• A committee of employees from U.S. Embassy Bridgetown will judge the contest, and that committee’s decision shall be binding and indisputable. Winners and prize packages will be announced on the U.S. Embassy’s social media platforms.
• The contest submissions become the property of U.S. Embassy Bridgetown which may, at its sole discretion, republish entries in whole or in part on its website and/or social media platforms.

Children’s Book Guidelines:
• Participants are encouraged to be as creative as possible. Judges will determine winners based on the creativity, originality and historical accuracy of their children’s book.
• Children’s book must not exceed 25 pages.
• The book must be neatly handwritten or typed.
• All artwork may be in color and/or black and white. However, the cover artwork should be completed in color. The book must have a title and author(s)/artist(s) identified on front cover.
• Book must be suitable for primary school students, ages 5 to 9 years.
• Each entry must be the original work of the contestant. Submissions that are plagiarized will render the entry ineligible.

Children’s Book Full Contest Guidelines – (DOCX 30 KB)