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Alert – U.S. Embassy Grenada
April 7, 2020

Alert – U.S. Embassy Grenada (April 7, 2020)

Location: Grenada

Event: State of emergency extended


38 U.S. citizens flew to Puerto Rico yesterday on the Seaborne Airlines/Silver Airways flight.  At this time, there are no additional flight options from Grenada to the United States.  U.S. citizens who did not take the flight yesterday should be prepared to remain in Grenada until restrictions on passenger movements are lifted and the airport reopens.  We do not have an estimate on when that might be.  However, if you are a U.S. citizen and still want to go back to the United States, please drop us an e-mail at StGeorgesACS@state.gov with your name and contact information in case there are other opportunities.

State of Emergency

The Grenadian Prime Minister extended the 24-hour-per-day curfew to April 20.  This means everyone in Grenada, with few exceptions, are confined to their place of residence for that period.  The government enacted numerous other regulations under the state of emergency, including canceling all gatherings and social events, giving expanded authority to police and emergency responders, and closing almost all businesses except for grocery stores, which are only open for reduced hours.  Emergency operations and access to medical care will continue.

This curfew applies to everyone in Grenada, including U.S. citizens.  The police have the authority to arrest, fine, and imprison those who break the regulations.

Embassy operations

The staff of the Embassy is acting in accordance with the state of emergency declared by the Government of Grenada, and all non-emergency functions at the Embassy have ceased.  All information, including repatriation opportunities, will be sent out via these alerts.

Please continue to monitor these messages and the U.S. Embassy website for updated information.