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Alert – U.S. Embassy Grenada
April 27, 2020

Location: Grenada

Event: Seaborne Airlines/Silver Airways flight on Thursday, April 30


U.S. Embassy Grenada is coordinating with the commercial carrier – Seaborne Airlines/Silver Airways – to facilitate a flight from Grenada to San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Thursday, April 30, for the purpose of repatriating U.S. citizens.  Reservations will start tomorrow, and we will send out information tomorrow morning on how to reserve and pay for tickets through the company.  This flight will not appear on the Seaborne Airlines/Silver Airways website and must be booked by contacting the airline by phone starting tomorrow.  The airline has estimated the flight will depart from Grenada at 11 a.m. and arrive in San Juan at around 2:10 p.m., but that is subject to change.

There are weight restrictions on the flights, so passengers should bring only one bag per person.  Permissions for additional bags, pets, and bulky object are very limited and must be coordinated with the airline when purchasing tickets.  Passengers should make onward travel plans from San Juan to the continental United States as soon as possible with available commercial airlines operating out of San Juan.

The phone lines at Seaborne Airlines/Silver Airways may be busy tomorrow, but the U.S. Embassy cannot book tickets on your behalf.

We are making arrangement with the Royal Grenadian Police Force to allow U.S. citizens to move to the airport on April 30 during the curfew.

At this time, there are no additional flight options from Grenada after April 30, 2020.  U.S. citizens who choose not to take the flight on April 30, 2020 should be prepared to remain in Grenada until restrictions on passenger movements are lifted, the airport reopens, and airlines resume flights.  We do not have an estimate on when that might be.

Please do *not* contact the U.S. Embassy to make a flight reservation.

Please continue to monitor the U.S. Embassy website for updated information.