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Alert – U.S. Embassy Grenada
April 28, 2020

Location: Grenada

Event: Flight full:  Seaborne Airlines/Silver Airways flight on Thursday, April 30


Commercial carrier Seaborne Airlines/Silver Airways has sold all available seats for its flight from Grenada to San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Thursday, April 30.  The Embassy is working with the airline for another flight in the near future, and we will release additional information as we have it.

There are weight restrictions on the flight, so passengers should bring only one bag per person.  Permissions for additional bags, pets, and bulky object are very limited and must be coordinated with the airline when purchasing tickets.  Passengers should make onward travel plans from San Juan to the continental United States as soon as possible with available commercial airlines operating out of San Juan.


The Royal Grenadian Police Force has given the necessary permissions to assist with repatriation of U.S. citizens on April 30 during the curfew.

  • U.S. citizens who are catching the flight do not need to notify the police of their movements that day but should present their U.S. passport and flight itinerary if stopped at checkpoints.
  • U.S. citizens in isolation on boats can travel to the airport that day but must make their own arrangements for the disposition of their boats.
  • If U.S. citizens run into issues with permissions to move that day, they should call the Police Operations Center at +1 (473) 440-3999/407-3122. However, the police cannot arrange transportation for you.


The police have given permission for U.S. citizens to use taxis that day.  Call King Elvis Taxi and Tours as soon as possible to make arrangements (but no later than three hours prior to pick up) via the following means:

  • +1 (473) 407-1767- mobile
  • +1 (473) 407-0653 – mobile
  • +1 (473) 440-0653 – landline
  • Email: kingelvis0653@gmail.com

Travelers on Carriacou

People who have confirmed tickets on the flight can reach out to Sherwin at +1 (473) 416-2304 to arrange boat transportation from Carriacou.  There will be a cost involved.

Additional flight

As mentioned, the U.S. Embassy will continue to try to arrange additional flights.  If you wanted to book a ticket but were unable because it was sold out or you needed more time to make arrangements for your boat, please send an e-mail to StGeorgesACS@state.gov with the full names of everyone in your traveling party, your passport info to confirm your citizenship, and a valid e-mail and telephone number to reach your group.  If you are a boat owner or living on a boat, please indicate how long it will take to make arrangements for your boat.

Please do *not* contact the U.S. Embassy to make travel arrangements.