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Alert: Information Regarding Repatriation Flight from Martinique and Guadeloupe to San Juan Puerto Rice U.S.A.
April 20, 2020

Location: Martinique and Guadeloupe

Event: The Department of State is preparing potential evacuation flights with capacity for private U.S. citizens on a reimbursable basis, leaving Aimé Césaire International Airport (FSF) and Pointe-à-Pitre International Airport (GUAD) on April 23, 2020 to San Juan (SJU), Puerto Rico (U.S.A.).

• Please note that all passengers will need to reimburse the U.S. Government for the flight, and a promissory note must be signed before boarding.

• U.S. citizens in possession of valid U.S. passports who are interested and prepared to travel should contact BridgetownACS@state.gov with the information below. Please do not call to confirm receipt of your email; you will be contacted with additional information.

  • Full name:
  • U.S. passport number:
  • DOB:
  • Gender:
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number:
  • (If applicable) Country Visa Type, Number, and Expiration Date:

• Individuals on this transport may be subject to CDC screening, health observation, monitoring requirements and existing DHS entry requirements.  Visit the Department of Homeland Security’s website on the latest travel restrictions to the U.S. 

• U.S. citizens without a valid U.S. passport who wish to depart on this flight should send the above information using the information of their most recent expired passport. Please indicate that the passport is expired.  You will be contacted with information on how to obtain an emergency passport.

Please note that onward travel options from San Juan to mainland U.S. is the responsibility of the passenger and should be made as soon as possible with available commercial airlines operating out of San Juan.

Please also continue to monitor the U.S. Embassy website for updated information.

Additional Actions to Take: